Things that trigger me

Poem by Leonie Hertig

Covid-19 physically separated me and my partner. We were unable to meet and our gatherings were dictated by contradictory guidance and rules that changed every few days. Especially in summer and autumn the messages and what was allowed became more and more conflicting and it was impossible to handle the capriciousness of the situation. During that time I tried to channel how I felt into written word to gain some sort of control.

Things that trigger me

Watching you move through

a pixled screen

Grandparents being able

to hug grandchildren

The words

„it wouldn't make that much of a difference“

A group of teenagers admiring

their new eyebrows

Podcasters talking about the sex ban

in a joking way

Debates whether nightclubs

should open again

Politicians walking far too closely

Caught by paparazzi

Explaining my family why

I can hug you outdoors but not indoors

The words

I am here for you