Covid-19 Storytelling

Our experiences of Covid-19

We wanted to raise awareness and to start a conversation, shedding light on inequalities in different ways and to create connectedness.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a life-changing impact on many of our communities. The lockdowns and restrictions have reshaped our lives at the University of York, particularly how we interact with each other and the broader environment. Although online communication may offer some sense of connection, many people feel increasingly isolated. We also learn from research and experience how the pandemic has heightened existing inequalities that have disproportionately hit marginalized groups of people. During these challenging times, there is an urgency to understand the different experiences of our community members in order to develop appropriate support and to engage with wider communities.


We know stories can be a powerful tool – they invite us to listen and understand different points of view.


Creativity has helped sustain many people and brought communities together during the pandemic.