That Which Thaws

Poem by Sach

This is a sonnet - written during particularly bleak times in lockdown. We didn't understand the virus well enough, nor was there any mention of the vaccine back then. Things looked grim and gloomy for the world - and for me personally; naturally, the only thing to do was to write poetry, with neurotic attention to rhyme and meter.

That Which Thaws

There has to be a life beyond the frost -

where that which thaws, then dares again to dream.

The thought which glimmered was then never lost;

instead, it raged - until it ripped the seams.

And so emerges that which was concealed.

It looks around and grins, ear to ear.

Inside you it had lived - its fate thought sealed;

yet here it stands - the dream you dreamt; so near!

Reach out and touch it! Clutch it - don't be shy;

nor hesitate too long in your unease.

Wait any longer and it goes awry

(a passion gone astray then pukes and flees).

These bits of you which froze, again may breathe;

one hopes they offer balm - and never seethe.