Stationary Motion

Video by Hannah A

A short, playful stop-motion animation created in my kitchen. Featuring a small, yet daring, policeman.

During the long days of lockdown, my sister and I experimented with stop-motion, because if there's one thing you need in animation, it's time. We had time, and plenty of it.



A policeman figurine is on the kitchen floor, walking towards a set of drawers.

He opens the bottom drawer and climbs it with a rope, to then jump to a cupboard’s handle. He climbs the handle and gets on the countertop, where there are kitchen utensils.

The policeman climbs on the toaster and uses the press handle to catapult himself on to a grater, which tumbles over with the policeman’s weight.

The policeman crosses a cutting board and gets on the gas stove, and has a spin on the gas dials before he leaves the frame.


Did you ever experience that strange sense that time had slowed down, and yet the weeks passed by quicker than ever? The seeming distortion of time was a feature of many of our lockdown experiences.

Feeling stuck in this moment, yet simultaneously speeding through the days.

I think stop-frame captures that unique feeling. A moving picture made up of still moments. Stationary motion.