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I couldn't stay at home and as a member of York City of Sanctuary, I decided to do something for York. I have a 7 seater car, which I decided to use for shopping for the vulnerable people who cannot go out. I used to go out everyday to buy bread, meat, milk and other stuff for my neighbors who cannot go out or do not have a car. I enjoyed this work so much although it was a risky one. Yet, thanks to God I didn't get Covid-19.

I also translated & wrote few poems and published an article.

See description below


Poster from the Refugee Week with the following text:

The Sun in York

Comes along with swift breeze.

The trees breathe deep, daffodils dance

As Covid-19 seems to retreat.

I close my eyes, trying to remember

How the same it felt in Baghdad

Before 2003.

April is the cruellest month,

Breeding war out of the land of peace

Turning the poor men into beasts

And the evergreen date palm trees

Into dreary death pillars.

On this day, nearly two decades ago

April was the cruellest month indeed

Ahmed Khaleel

York, April 2021

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Underneath the text there is a picture of a forest. The poster reads: Photo taken by Ahmed Khaleel at Wheldrake Wood, North Yorkshire, England