Everyday rainbows

Photograph by JMGBH

A cheerful rainbow of everyday domestic objects created on my kitchen floor one long dark Sunday afternoon trapped indoors during lockdown.

Rainbow made up of various household items laid on a grey wooden floor


The rainbow has been the symbol of hope throughout the pandemic. That although in the midst of a storm, beauty and colour will return to our lives. As somebody who used to travel a lot, both for work and pleasure, and who was never comfortable if there wasn't a date in the diary for my next trip abroad, the adjustment to lockdown life was tough - tedious and claustrophobic, with nothing to look forward to.

This piece was about me finding the joy in the mundane and the everyday. Revisiting the quotidian and celebrating the fun, the colour to be found in the most domestic of items (although if you look carefully, you will see my passport in there too!). It was also about re-discovering how to entertain myself when all external stimuli had effectively been removed, and I was home alone one dark Sunday afternoon in winter 2020. A journey around my own home, seeking objects and placing them just so, I took a childish delight in creating this simple piece and felt a fleeting pride that I hadn't resorted to Netflix or the scroll of a phone for entertainment, at least for a few hours.

Shared with others on social media, as others shared their rainbows in the front room windows, or drawn with chalk on the pavement outside their homes or businesses, I hoped my rainbow brought a smile and a glimpse into my home life that friends, more used to snapshots from exotic locations, would rarely get to see from me.