Covid 19 on campus test centre

Video by Richard Stokes & Olivia Daibell

A short video showing the test centre process, with text from staff and customers and audio from staff.

Showing, apart from the obvious benefits of the test centre through the pandemic, the less obvious , but really important benefits to mental health and inclusivity.

LFD VIDEO (subs).mp4


Our Covid-19 Experience - The Test Centre Team

The camera walks into the Vedge, where the Test Centre is located.

Text on screen: The best bit was the daily encouragement - to cook something new for dinner or try our new board games.

Simply being away from home didn't feel so bad as I knew I had my test centre squad.

A team member shows a Registration card to the camera. The camera procceeds through tensabarriers towards the testing area and walks by the various testing stations.

Voice over: It's meant an awful lot to me to be part of the test centre. When we first openend it up last year you would meet someone new on every shift and it was great to be able to see and speak to people during a time when we were otherwise constrained to our houses.

Text on screen: I found the testing facilities on campus very well organised and the people running them are so supportive, friendly and reassuring.

We see someone finishing self-administering a Covid-19 test at one of the testing stations.

Text on screen: Coming to the test centre everyday helped my mental health and wellbeing and in the midst of the pandemic made life feel "normal"

Voice over: I'm really really proud to have worked in this testing centre, not just in terms of the role itself, but also reflecting on what I've done in my life that I'm pleased with. I'm pleased that I did this, I'm please that I was able to help people in quite a scary time.

The camera zooms in on testing equipment and we see a phone screen that reads "Log results".


We are all collectively really proud to have worked in the on campus test centre and played our, not insignificant, part in helping the University through the pandemic.